1.  Does SD card need formatting prior to use?

Yes. Format procedure is available in Setting. 

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2.  What is the warranty for OWLNV Digital Night Vision product line?

2 years warranty. 

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3.  Is L3 waterproof.

Yes. It's rated IP67.     

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4.  Can I use L3 digital night vision day or night?

Yes. 24/7.

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5.  Why is there a white spot appearing while using laser range finder at night?

The white spot is the beam of light emitted by the LRF which then bounces back to the device enabling it to measure the distance. Once you have the distance acquired you may then opt to turn off this feature. 


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6.  How to use L3 night vision rifle scope?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! The L3 is so handy with a dimension of 186.5cm x 55cm x 70cm which makes it so effortless to attach onto your rifle and it will allow you to instantaneously transform it into a revolutionary night vision scope. It's relatively the lightest in its class being only 490 grams.

This night vision scope has 6.5 times and 13 times magnification which lets you zoom images by just a click of a button but not compromising clarity with 1080P HD quality with AVI output stored in a TF card.

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7.  How far can I view using an IR Illuminator?

An infrared illuminator or IR illuminator is a tool that emits light in the infrared spectrum.  All night vision devices require at least a small amount of ambient or infrared light to function. Many modern night vision devices can make use of a bleary moonlight or even starlight, but when there is predominant absence of light, even the most hi-tech night vision device will need an IR Illuminator. L3 has a built-in IR Illuminator that gives you extra 350 meters detection in night vision mode.

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8.  What are the things I need to consider when choosing a night vision device? 

It’s already the 21st century and the number of night division devices in the market has grown exponentially over the years. However, the one that does not change is your need for a device that’s dependable and budget-friendly. Here are some of the good qualities of a digital night vision scope you need to look for:

  • Long-range without loose subtle details.  Getting the precise focus is always a factor for hunters. This device allows you to get the most desirable image by just turning the adjustment rings.

  • Easy operation.  A user-friendly device should always be on top of your list. 

  • Lightweight.  Your device should be handy and one-piece so you won’t have to carry loads of stuff with you when you go on a hunt.

  • Modern transmission. Once an image or video is captured, your device should be able to store images and transmit them with ease.

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9.  Can I bring my night vision device even on a bad rain?

Because you don’t have control over the weather condition when you go hunting, you won’t have to to carry an extra protection for your device to keep it away from water, heat and moist because the L3 is waterproof.

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10.  How dependable is the camera?

The L3 has 30 FPS or (frame per second). This is the same quality used on TV for live sports. This means that when you move the camera around to look for your target, it won't have any gaps on the frame. You will see the target as it moves around without having to miss a single frame. The last thing you want to happen is that you're looking at a target and all of a sudden disappears right under your nose and just comes back to the frame out of nowhere. With this feature, you make sure you see the image real time. 

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11.  Can I record a video using my night vision device?

Another good feature of this device is that it's digital, so it makes it easy for the device to shoot a photo and record a video. Bonus is - it works just like a mobile phone on a FULL HD quality. It has the interface of a smart phone so it's so easy to maneuver.  So, if it's your first time to hunt or you've been chasing after a target for a long time - you won't have to bring a separate device for recording because this device has it all. 

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12.  What is 6000 J Recoil Resistance?

To answer this question, it's always best to begin to understand recoil. Recoil is also called "gun kick" or when your gun makes a quick upward motion after shooting.  In night vision, lasers and white light devices, the precision circuitry or electro-optical components inside your device can be damaged by the shock of firing forces. This feature protects your optical lenses and reticles from shifting due to the kick or recoil.

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13.  How durable is L3?

The answer to this question is subjective.  Although, the L3 is made with durable materials suited for night vision devices to take a certain amount of shock but if you drop the device, there is however a big chance that you might break it. Please keep in mind that these devices are fairly fragile equipment and the parts contain precision electronics and are not designed to withstand such impact when dropped. So, it is recommended that you take care of the device and try not to drop it, please.

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14.  How does night vision work?

Night vision devices collect available light (starlight, moonlight or infra-red light) through the front lens. This light, which is made up of photons goes into a photocathode tube that changes the photons to electrons.

The electrons are then made to a much greater number through an electrical and chemical process. The electrons are then hurled against a phosphorus screen that changes the amplified electrons back into visible light that you see through the eyepiece.

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15.  What's the difference between night vision and infrared?

Night vision scopes work by collecting what little amount of light is available or in other terms called ambient light and then amplify it so it can be identified or seen by the naked eye.  Infrared on the other hand is a new technology used with night vision scopes.  Since infrared scopes do not rely on ambient light, they maximize the potential of the night vision scope.  This same technology is present in most, if not all digital night vision scopes in the market today including L3. 

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