The fear that lead humans to invent a device to battle darkness.

Why are people scared of the dark? When does one start fearing the dark? Is it normal for everyone?

Our fear of being in the dark usually begins in childhood and is known to be a normal part of growing up. This is considered a phobia or the inexplicable and illogical fear of darkness which is called "nyctophobia".
Studies that focused on this behavior have shown that humans often fear the dark because it is in this situation that visual inability is too great hence creating that massive fear of the unknown. In easier terms, people fear night and darkness because of the absence of light which helps them see what's around them.
Luckily, night vision devices have been invented and manufactured many years back but this is the 21st century and the technology used for these devices have immensely improved since Generation 1.
However, how does night vision really work? What is the Science behind it? I hope that the video below helps explain this phenomenon.
Video credit to Techquickie.